LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
Legacy Mark offers a complete line of Professional Cemetery Management Tools and Expert Services to help you effectively administer your cemetery office.

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Assurance Services
Legacy Mark offers numerous services to evaluate your current business operations. Legacy Mark's 20 plus year history of solely working to outfit cemeteries with solutions to assist with their daily operations has created a wealth of specialized knowledge. This knowledge has been built upon the scope of cemeteries with which Legacy Mark has worked.

Legacy Mark's customers include cemeteries tracking burials in the hundreds to cemeteries with burials in the hundred thousands. Services offered range from consulting for recommendations in evolving technologies to successfully outlaying cemetery internal controls to devising data sampling strategies and performing these strategies in order to make recommendations as to the validity of a cemeteries current records. Legacy Mark is not just a software vendor but a partner in an industry which demands accuracy, experience, and character.

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