LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
Legacy Mark offers a complete line of Professional Cemetery Management Tools and Expert Services to help you effectively administer your cemetery office.

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Legacy Mark Connections
  Legacy Mark offers two Free, Fast and Efficient Utilities to work with you and for you to provide
Technical Support Services and to Meet with you through the internet for Meetings and/or Demonstrations.
Use the links below to access these free Utilities.   Questions? Call us toll free at (800) 444-9260.

Technical Support
Click 'Legacy Mark Connect' to
Download the Utility. Run to Install.
This only needs to be installed once.
Call us the first time you use this
to complete the connection.
     Legacy Mark Connect Installer

Meetings & Demonstrations
Click 'Legacy Mark Meeting' to download
the Utility. Run the File to Join.
Call us if you need a meeting ID.
     Legacy Mark Join Meeting Utility

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