LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
Legacy Mark offers a complete line of Professional Cemetery Management Tools and Expert Services to help you effectively administer your cemetery office.

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Customer Services
Legacy Mark proudly offers a variety of professional services to help you easily move your cemetery into the information age. These services are designed to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible.
  • Installation and Training: If you are an experienced user of computers and are comfortable with computer applications, you may not need any assistance from us other than ordering the software! If you are not very familiar with computers and are not comfortable with computer applications, you may choose to have us assist with the installation and training to get you up and running quickly and easily. We offer:
  • Whatever your needs we have a plan that fits.

  • Data Conversion: If you are currently using a computer program to track your cemetery records and are ready to utilize the Legacy Mark capabilities we can help you import your data so your first day will pick up where your old program left off. Converting data from other programs is way to protect your investment in the labor to enter your cemetery historical data the first time. Give us a call to discuss this service and how we can help you.

  • Data Entry: If you are currently managing with paper records we have services to help you, too. We have staff who are expert at taking cards, books, deeds, etc... and transforming them quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively into a computerized data set that neatly installs into the Legacy Mark Cemetery Office Management system. This service is tailored to suit your records and your needs, so give us a call to review your situation and how Legacy Mark can help you join our digital cemetery family.

  • Rapid Deployment Plans: Legacy Mark offers several options of Rapid Deployment to get your information into the computer fast so you can take advantage of your investment. These plans are tailored to fit your specific record types, your individual needs, and your budget. Some typical plans include: Give us a call to discuss the best options for you and your particular record types.

  • Customization: Customizations to Legacy Mark's line of Professional Cemetery Management Software is available. Give us a call to discuss this issue and how it relates to your needs.
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