LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Management Software, Cemetery Mapping
Legacy Mark offers a complete line of Professional Cemetery Management Tools and Expert Services to help you effectively administer your cemetery office.

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Cemetery Office Management
Client Entry Screen
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The Legacy Mark Cemetery Office Management (COM) module is the cornerstone of the Legacy Mark Cemetery Office Suite. It is the business package that is designed to manage the demanding needs of every cemetery manager.

Since it first went into service in 1987 we have worked with our growing customer base to refine its operation and expand its capabilities to better serve the them. With features such as scan & document attachment, Exclusive CemWeb access, lot maps, spreadsheet exports, deeds, inventory, locator tools, scheduler, interactive calendar, Windows word processor & endowment handling there is nothing our Office Management system cannot handle.

General System Features
Sample Lot Map
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  • Supports Single Workstation and Multi-user Network installations, with integrated security password system and administrator-defined permissions (Full-Use, Guest-Access, etc…).
  • Exclusive Legacy Mark CemWeb access for web-based data vaulting, Tech-tips, Program Updates, support…
  • Integrated Context-Sensitive Help system. Specific help is available for your active screen with the touch of a button and pop-up Info boxes appear with the mouse pointer to explain your current selection.
  • Single Point of Entry: Enter data in one place, update entire the system.
  • Uses Industry Standard language throughout the program to acclimate new users quickly.
  • Streamlined Data Entry with newly redesigned screens, pull-down pick lists, automatic smart data copying to new records, improved editing, date validation, etc...
  • ODBC Compliant: access data from other programs.

Specific Features
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Cemetery Deed
Screen Capture
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  • Tracks client, grave, sales data, funeral, military and endowment data and documents/scans for each client.
  • Locate Clients by name, location, dates of birth & death, deeds, contract number, Maiden names, aliases, address, more…
  • Attached Documents to Client Records: Scanned documents, photographs, letters, deeds, etc…
  • Lot Maps generate and print graphical layouts (shown at right) designating color-coded grave/marker arrangements, orientation and an interment chart with names/w dates.
  • Integrated Office Tools: Flexible work/appt. scheduler, interactive calendar, calculator, Windows word processor, email to Legacy Mark, links to Legacy Mark CemWeb support…
  • Manage Inventory: Quickly generate inventory (singles, fill-ins, new sections) and the system does the rest.
  • Pull-Down Pick Lists that are easy to use and easy to maintain for rapid, error-free data entry.
  • 30+ User Defined Fields: Customize the forms and data making your database configurable to your needs.
  • Deeds/Forms Create professional, customized deeds for each sale. Data is automatically inserted into the deed form which can then be checked, edited and saved before printing.
  • Scores of Report Menu Selections create custom reports based on user-specified parameters.
  • Integrates with Legacy Mark's CemMap© Cemetery Mapping and AR systems.
  • Flexible Client Coding System groups similar clients for reporting, mailing labels, and data analysis. Commonly used for Veterans, cremations, memberships, etc…
  • Endowment System for special-care trusts and tasks for clients.
  • Track multiple cemeteries; Create Mailing Labels; Integrated Backup System to file or CD; Automatically tracks grave ownership history; more…
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